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Matt Franklin

Social Media Manager / Graphic Designer




225 Ray Avenue

Fayetteville, NC 28301

Date of Birth:

July 1st, 1987

A Bit About Me

As Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer at 5 West Media Group, Matt’s talent and expertise
enhance client offerings. His innovative designs are used in client logos, advertising materials, social
media posts, digital advertising and videos. He also creates animated graphics and layouts for
websites. Our company’s local presence and vision to help businesses large or small initially drew
him to 5 West Media Group. He saw an opportunity to combine his creative skills with opportunities
to contribute to successful marketing campaigns and other client projects. Matt says, “I love the
challenge of taking a loose concept and transforming it into something productive and meaningful
for our clients.”

Matt’s prior experience working as a freelance graphic artist for 13 years helped him hone and
expand his art and business acumen. He primarily worked in the board game industry for various
companies and small publishers such as Slugfest Games, Calliope Games, Genius Games, Passport
Games, Butbustin Games, and Storyquest Games.

He earned his BA with a focus on Illustration and Graphic Design for Digital and Print Media from
Kendall College of Art and Design. Matt is a huge board game fan as wells as enjoys comics, video
games, hockey, and outdoor activities. He calls North Carolina home.

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