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Stephen Cline

Social Media Manager / Videographer/ Photographer




225 Ray Avenue

Fayetteville, NC 28301

Date of Birth:

January 27th, 1992

A Bit About Me

As Social Media Manager at 5 West Media Group, Stephen manages and creates content for
businesses with his marketing expertise. He tracks and assesses optimal growth for clients through
data analysis. When not in the office, Stephen can be found at networking events or out helping
clients. He loves connecting with our community and providing excellent customer service. The
company’s character as a local business along with their creativity and adaptability are some of the
attributes that first attracted him to 5 West Media Group. His expertise in photography and video
services enhance client offerings. As he explains, “I enjoy bringing visions to life.”

His prior military service provided the foundation for his professional photography and leadership
skills. During his seven-year service in the US Army, he worked as a Combat Documentation
Production Specialist or combat photographer for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).
Stephen gained international exposure and experience when he deployed twice to Afghanistan and
then once led a team of five soldiers to Senegal. Numerous photos of his were published in Leigh
Neville's book, Special Forces In the War on Terror (2015). In addition, the HBO documentary, "War
Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend," includes footage he shot on deployment.

Stephen is expanding his professional repertoire by pursuing his bachelor's degree in Social Work
with a minor in Mass Communications at Methodist University (to be completed by December
2021). An extrovert, he loves everything outdoors, including rock climbing, photography, and
teaching. He, his wife, and beautiful daughter live in North Carolina.

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